Just Breathe is founded upon the following principles:

1. Love yourself enough to take time for yourself REGULARLY.

2. Be willing to let go of what is not serving you in a healthy way.

3. Learn to be quiet and cherish the stillness everyday.

4. DISCOVER and DEVELOP your vision; implementing it daily
with purposeful milestones/goals.

5. Explore how you feel about YOU, so that YOU know YOU better
than anyone else.

6. Don’t be complacent; step into your own greatness with
determination and dignity!


What is Just Breathe?

As women we so often get caught up in the rigors of life and focus on taking care of everyone but ourselves. We hit the floor running in the morning, sit in hours of traffic to get to/from work, eat lunch at our desk so that we can leave in time to get the kids to their events, cook dinner, wash clothes, try to send a few “thinking of you” texts or emails to our friends, help the kids with their homework, and if we’re lucky we catch a few moments to ourselves before we lay down to sleep…only to replay that hectic song called life again the next day.

Unfortunately, our society celebrates living an overburdened, stressful life and encourages us to suck it up and act like everything is ok. As Alicia Keyes sings, “Still when I’m a mess, I still put on a vest With an S on my chest Oh yes, I’m a Superwoman.” While many of us are in busy seasons of our lives, a true “Superwoman” knows that it is possible to do all that we need to do AND address our own needs.

Just Breathe is a movement that encourages women to care for themselves body, soul and spirit. It is a movement that strives to assist women in adopting a lifestyle that enables them to live:

• PEACEABLY (Inclined or disposed to peacefulness and calmness),
• POWERFULLY (Exerting power in an effective and influential manor)
• PURPOSEFULLY (Having an intentional purpose).

A woman that faces each day with peace, and exercises her power to intentionally live out her purpose is a woman that can overcome the challenges of life without being overwhelmed, stressed, or depressed, because she has learned how to JUST BREATHE…