Abiding Faith Ministries (AFM) has been blessed to partner with Women of the Way Ministries (WoW) in Jinga, Uganda.  WoW shows God’s love and care to the precious Karamojong women of Masese3, Kikaramoja.  Society devalues these women and their children, but through consistent sharing of God’s love and God’s word WoW has established trusting relationships and has invited the AFM family into those relationships.  Dr. Jeff encourages and empowers the women with a word from the Lord two Fridays each month and AFM sends monthly financial support to help with food and medical care.  Both the WoW and AFM families look forward to the Sundays when we are able to worship together via Zoom!  They teach us Karamojong and Swahili, but Hallelujah needs no translation!

Uganda Education Campaign

The school system in Uganda is much different than in the United States,  The key difference being that families must pay for their children to attend.  The families affiliated with WoW live in poverty, experience food insecurity, and housing insecurity.  In spite of these challenges they desire an education, but lack the resources to attend school.  Many schools function as boarding schools, also providing room and board.  Sending a child to school not only helps the child, it has the potential to change the station of their family and impact the entire community.  AFM has committed to sponsoring the education of children of the WoW family.  We have established our initial support of 10 children, however there are more than 125 children in the community.  It costs just $360 annually, $30/month to educate a child in Jinga.  Would you partner with us to share the love of God with this community by contributing toward the education of a child?  Sponsors receive the child’s picture and bio, letters from the child, and an opportunity to speak with them via Zoom when possible.  A gift of any amount or frequency works to impact the children and their community and most importantly expose them to the love of God.

You may support this effort through the give link on our website with a one time or recurring gift.  Select Uganda Education Campaign fund to direct your gift to this effort.