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Phrases of Encouragement For The Process


 Through our mutual sharing and discovery, we have collected a series of encouraging phrases that God has set before us to help us to maneuver our way through the PROCESS of RESTORATION, RENEWAL and REVIVAL, great words of shared encouragement developed through our shared experiences with our God, Who never fails to remind us that every effort put into the PROCESS is well worth it!

  1. Unless the Lord does this thing, our labor is in vain;
  2. He strengthens us to do all things, infusing us with His explosive power;
  3. All things well no matter the condition of our right now we can declare ALL THINGS WELL;
  4. I Am with you and you are NEVER alone;
  5. Remember all that I have told and said to you about you;
  6. Trust and be obedient no matter where you are in the Process;
  7. We have come this far by faith and we cannot turn around now;
  8. Jesus be a fence not just to protect me from things on the outside, but protect those from without from what may come out of me;
  9. Lord help me to hold out until my change or my better comes;
  10. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, when I can say nothing else there is no other Name I know and His Name says it all;
  11. Speak life in spite of what we may see or experience in the circumstance of right now; and
  12. Let all that we do in the Process be done with PASSION!!!

Click here to download the document:  Phrases of Encouragement Process






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